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What does wuwu mean?

The name Wuwu started as a private shorthand between ourselves. Have you ever watched the TV news and seen an item about the local haunted house, or a ghostly horseman who can be heard riding at the dead of night? Invariably the item has "spooky" sound effects, ghostly sounds and all the rest. What do ghosts do? they wear white sheets and make "Wooooo Wooooo" noises!

Anything on TV which is about astrology, crystals or crop circles, the I-Ching or Tarot, or just about anything that isn't vanilla-flavour everyday reality is accompanied by the same spooky sounds – wuwu – as the ghosts would say.

We use the term wuwu to describe any spirituality or belief system that is marginalised by mainstream thought.


Life, the Universe & Everything
Bored with looking at this same old home page? So are we. We've added a few links to other stuff (mainly pictures), whether you find it interesting is another matter!

Iran a handful of pictures from our visit to this amazing country
India pictures of our visit to north India
Paris pictures from a few days spent exploring Paris

Vietnam what a great place, these piccies are mostly of the people we travelled with (other pics to follow - promise!)

Ridge Pottery Summer Schools
Pottery is one of my passions and there's nothing I enjoy more than a week getting covered in clay -- with the bonus of the smoke and excitement of a wood-firing at the end.

Saving the World (in a small way)
About Tools For Self Reliance - this is the charity's website
Tools for Self Reliance - Oxford - our local group's web pages

Dalton Lathe gallery - too knackered for Africa! Donated to TFSR, I started to overhaul this lathe ready to send, but it was far too old and worn out, and in the end I passed it on to an enthusiast to restore. (Are you a lathe enthusiast? Try the Home of the Dalton Lathe, or the cornucopia of machine tool information at lathes.co.uk – oh, wow!)




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